Centres of Excellence


The African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) is pursuing its goal of enhancing research and graduate training in member universities through a number of channels, including the setting up of Centres of Excellence (CoEs) to be hosted by member universities. The ARUA CoEs are intended to be focal points for aggregating world-class researchers from member universities to undertake collaborative research in priority thematic areas while providing opportunities for graduate students from the region and elsewhere to work with the researchers. The CoE is therefore an assembly point for good and committed researchers and students seeking to do cutting-edge work.

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ARUA Centres of Excellence

Climate and Development
Food Security
Inequalities Research (ACEIR)
Migration and Mobility
Materials, Energy and Nanotechnology (CoE-MEN)
Non-Communicable Diseases (ACE-NCDs)
Notions of Identity in Africa
Post-conflict Societies
Unemployment And Skills Development
Urbanization and Habitable Cities