ARUA Centre of Excellence: Energy

The ARUA CoE in Energy is a multidisciplinary, collaborative effort through the network of 15 African Universities to enhance the integrative links between Renewable Energy (RE), Water and Food, and thereby achieve sustainable agricultural development in Africa. The ARUA CoE in Energy has prioritized the integration of RE into systems that address the food, nutrition and water supply challenges of Africa.  Continue reading “ARUA Centre of Excellence: Energy”

Centre for Excellence for Urbanization and Habitable Cities


The Centre for Excellence for Urbanization and Habitable Cities is a platform for bringing together researchers from other African Countries to address salient and often intractable problems associated with urbanization in African Cities.

It is coming under the designate of the existing University of Lagos Centre for Housing Studies (UNILAG-CHS) which was established in December 2013 as a result of MOU between the University of Lagos, Nigerian-UK Housing Society (NUHS) and its partner, UK’s Chartered Institute of Housing, England (CIH). The Centre’s core activities are in Housing research, urban regeneration and advocacy, Postgraduate education and capacity building for practitioners. Activities are centred around multi-disciplinary groups from academia and industry.

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