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ARUA Universities Research Profiles

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Centres of Excellence

ARUA Strategic Plan 2022-2027

ARUA is pursuing several large multi-university projects in both the natural sciences and the social sciences/humanities, all of which are key to addressing some of the complex economic, social and developmental challenges confronting the continent.

Enhanced Research

ARUA believes that a structured response will be key to eliminating bottlenecks in the management of projects and ensuring that, working collaboratively, member universities will experience significant improvements in the research management.

Institutional Capability for Research Management
Emphasis on high-quality, research-led training of graduates has become an essential means for ensuring that the talent needed to address the myriad challenges confronting African economies is not lost to institutions in the global north.
Enhanced Graduate Support & Training
ARUA takes the position that African research is indeed on the rise and needs to be brought to the attention of potential stakeholders.
Institutionalised Research Advocacy