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ARUA at a Glance: Second Edition 2015-2021

30th June 2023

This brief report is the result of another round of a data-gathering and benchmarking initiative at ARUA universities and funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. It presents a quick summary of the findings of both the first and second rounds of data gathering over seven years, 2015-2021.

The current edition differs significantly from the previous one as it also shows the research profiles of ARUA universities through a bibliometric analysis of their research output that was indexed into the Web of Science (WoS) database for the period.

Professor Gerald Wangende-Ouma of the University of Pretoria wrote the full report with assistance from two consultants Dr. Emmanuel Adu-Danso and Dr. Emmanuel Abbey at the ARUA Secretariat.

All the indicators of university performance for which data is presented were selected and agreed on through a consultative process that involved all ARUA member universities. The data collection was an iterative process that involved continuous engagement with data teams at the universities. The efforts of key staff at all universities in providing the data, including their senior university management, are acknowledged.

This report is based on data from all 16 ARUA universities: University of Ghana (Ghana), University of Ibadan (Ibadan), University of Lagos (Lagos), Makerere University (Makerere), Rhodes University (Rhodes), Stellenbosch University (SU), University of Cape Town (UCT), University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), University of Pretoria (UP), University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Université Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD), University of Nairobi (Nairobi), University of Rwanda (Rwanda), Addis Ababa University (Addis Ababa) and University of Mauritius (Mauritius).

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