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ARUA Secretary-General receives Ms. Claudia Frittelli to ARUA Offices

29th April 2022

Prof. Ernest Aryeetey, Secretary-General of ARUA, recently welcomed Ms. Claudia Frittelli, Program Officer at the Carnegie Corporation of New York, to the ARUA Offices in Accra.  

The visit afforded the Secretary-General and staff of ARUA to update her on new staff changes, the ongoing work of the Alliance as well as the collaborative efforts of the member universities in the various programmes and activities of ARUA.  The discussions also centred on partnerships, as well as sharing perspectives on ways in which the wok of ARUA could be enhanced, while strengthening the member universities. 

Carnegie Corporation of New York, which has a long tradition of supporting the development of higher education in Africa, is one of the founding partners of ARUA, supporting ARUA’s benchmarking project in addition to providing other administrative support.