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Quantum Meet-Up for ARUA Professors and Students

15th July 2020

One year ago Wits University and IBM signed a historic collaborative agreement to bring quantum computing to the African continent — for free. Using a cloud service called the IBM Quantum Experience, ARUA professors and students can access real quantum computers and run experiments.

While we have generated a lot of momentum in South Africa, we are not seeing the traction we had hoped for from the other ARUA members. We would like to address this by hosting a virtual webinar Meet-Up on 21 July where Wits and IBM researchers will present the technologies and take your questions.

All of the details for the webinar can be found on the website below. Please help us spread the word to help Africa become Quantum Ready — we cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

How the ARUA Network can become Quantum Ready 

Learn more about IBM Quantum here: