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Report: Towards African Collaborative Doctoral Programs

22nd May 2023

The African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) in December 2021 commissioned a study to provide a baseline understanding of the current nature, structure, and process of doctoral training at the alliance’s 16 member universities.

The aim was to also look at areas of convergence and prospects for the purpose of developing collaborative doctoral programmes across ARUA member universities.

The report from the study provides a synthesis of ten country reports that consider the implementation of 32 humanities and natural sciences doctoral programmes across ARUA member universities within their institutional and national contexts. it interrogates the characteristics of doctoral training across the alliance’s member universities, including in relation to the nature of present collaboration across these institutions around such training. The report also juxtaposes the findings from the original research that underpins it against the existing literature on higher education collaboration and doctoral training in other regions to develop recommendations relevant to ARUA and the African context.

The study was undertaken by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) with Carnegie Corporation of New York funding.

Synthesis Report

Country Reports: