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Research Profiles of ARUA Universities

20th March 2023

In November 2022, ARUA launched its second Profiles Report (2018- 2021) at a ceremony in Cape Town. The launch event followed a meeting of ARUA Vice Chancellors hosted by the University of Cape Town. The Vice Chancellors who gathered for the meeting and the launch were generally positive about the report, and this was not surprising since the report showed a positive trend in the performance of their universities. The second Profiles Report can be described as showing some progress with several of the performance indicators considered.

The Profiles Report is not intended to present a ranking of ARUA universities. It is simply designed to be an instrument for university leaders to benchmark their performance in selected areas against that of their peers. It also provides other stakeholders, such as governments and funders, some indication of how responsive various universities have been or can be over time, and how their performance against their peers has been over that period. It is certainly not comprehensive in terms of the number and type of performance indicators it covers.

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