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Towards ARUA – The Guild Clusters of Excellence

13th February 2023

Since 2018, the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) and The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities have established a close partnership, at the heart of which has been a joint appreciation that we can – and must – address global challenges affecting the African and European continents much more effectively if we develop new, long-term partnerships based on equity.

Both networks have underlined that we need to strengthen the long-term capacities of African science, and that this required new types of science collaboration that goes beyond short-term collaboration, invests in academic careers at all stages, and includes investment in research infrastructures.

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Africa-Europe Clusters of Research Excellence (CoRE)

African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) and The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities launched twenty Africa – Europe Clusters of Research Excellence in Summer 2023. These address key societal and scientific challenges framed by the AU-EU Innovation Agenda. 

The Africa – Europe Clusters of Research Excellence listed here bring together some of the best researchers from both continents, all committed to addressing Sustainable Development Goals through scientific excellence. They are committed to equitable partnerships in a deeply unequal world. Each has a long-term plan for research, education and capacity building. Whilst the Clusters have been inspired by ARUA and The Guild, participation in the Clusters far exceeds our networks to bring together researchers from 160 institutions across 60 countries.

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