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Carnegie Benchmarking Project

Research Profiles of ARUA Universities

The data benchmarking study of ARUA universities, focusing on the universities’ research profiles from 2018 -2021. Funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York

Phase I

ARUA having been in existence for a few years it was felt that it was necessary to establish a baseline of the research intensity of each of the alliance members and an aggregated picture of the collective. This base line would be of great value in future years when the progress of the members and the collective would be reviewed.

Such assessment could answer the question: did membership accelerate or retard development in various fields of research.

The Support of Carnegie Corporation of New York for this benchmarking exercise is gratefully acknowledged. They of course have a long tradition of supporting the development of higher education in Africa.

Phase II

Under the second phase, ARUA received a $1.2 million support for a new two-year duration. The title of the new project is “Building Capacity for Effective Research Advocacy through Data-Gathering at ARUA Universities”. 

ARUA received support to:

  • Complete the first phase and continue with a new phase of data-gathering and analysis of key institutional developments.
  • Review the structure and governance of PhD programmes at ARUA universities to inform the development of new standards for ARUA PhD support.
  • As a pilot, the new project also provides support for the appointment of Post-Doctoral Fellows attached to the ARUA Centres of Excellence.
  • The project provided support for the 2021 ARUA International Conference.

ARUA Universities Research Profiles

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